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"I don't need my dog to do a bunch of tricks,
I just want a dog that listens to me!"

This is the comment we often hear from our clients when we ask them what they want the most from their dogs.

There are many different methods and schools of thought on how to train your dog. However, a "trained" dog does not automatically mean a dog that always behaves well. Very often, the training can be all about conditioning a dog to perform some tricks or to respond to commands in a controlled environment and that doesn't always translate into a dog that behaves well unconditionally when out in public or even inside your home.

At Mama Dog Training, the approach we take is sensible, natural, and highly effective without relying on treats and evolved from years of hands-on experience working with canine behavioral issues in real life situations rather than just practicing repetitive drills. Our training philosophy is based on mutual respect and communicating in ways that dogs can instinctively understand.

We focus on training you, the human, so that you can better understand and communicate with your dog and gain lifelong skills that you can use to not only work on immediate issues but to prevent any potential problems from arising in the first place.

Our goal is to help you build structure and incorporate the training into your everyday life so that training your dog doesn't become an extra chore but something that just happens naturally every moment you spend with your dog.

From leash and house training new puppies and dogs to addressing extreme fearfulness, anxiety, and all types and levels of aggression, we can help you with any behavioral issues that your dog may have so that you can enjoy a stress-free and lasting relationship with your canine buddy!
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